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The RagTag Experience

Comments from some of our students and volunteers - in their own words:

  • At the darkest period of my life RagTag was a ray of light for me. Being there helped me find myself again and I gained in confidence and self-esteem. Knowing that I have my RagTag family keeps me looking forward to life.
  • RagTag is a living entity, the human face of caring and support for those struggling with daily life through lack of confidence or mental illness. At RagTag, you can always be sure of a very warm welcome, a friendly chat, a listening ear or practical help with difficulties, all of that on top of a place where you can learn useful skills, be creative, learn how to work with and support others, laugh and feel safe.
  • RagTag means a lot to me since I became involved some years ago, it's a completely unique place to hang out and make things from donated textiles from our community. Always a happy cheerful place to be, where the routine of daily life, the battle to survival can be forgotten for a while. An Alcohol and drug free zone nothing stronger than fresh coffee and tea. Where everything that gets said or discussed stays in the room and confidentiality is respected. We're a diverse group offering each other support.
  • A major problem for me as a symptom is DOING. I have great difficulty doing almost anything. Coming to RagTag I come here to do! It's very encouraging and it's almost like a corner-stone to my week. The one day when I can see myself making sense! That doesn't happen much.
  • RagTag is a safe place to go. This is one of the places I can feel safe to be myself. I have a lot of anxiety and I feel that when I come here I have a purpose and on days I feel really bad and sad I can just come in and forget my problems. Also I am a recovering alcoholic and all the people at RagTag supported me through that difficult time. The difference in me and others around me from the first time we all came in is amazing. I'm proud to be part of the team. I have learned so much since I started.

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